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PGPL 2016 Season Announcement

We here at the PGPL are excited to announce our 2016 season information.  Our team has come up with some changes to the format and structure of the league in an effort to give you the best possible experience for your money!


March 13th, 2016

July 10th, 2016

October 2nd, 2016



D4 Race to 4

$500 entry

$50 per case of Valken Redemption Paintballs

4 Game preliminaries

NXL Rules (no split deck or buzzers)

Division Size: 5 team minimum, 8 team maximum


1st Place: 60% of Total Entries – Cash

2nd Place: 15 cases of Redemption Paint

Trophies for 1st through 4th place


D4/5 Race to 2

$150 entry

$55 per case Valken Graffiti Paintballs

4 match preliminaries

NXL Rules

Division size: 8 team minimum, 18 team maximum


1st Place: 75% of Total Entries – Cash

2nd Place: 10 cases of Graffiti Paint

Trophies for 1st through 4th place


We realize that your time and money is valuable, and our team has decided to make the above changes to help the New Jersey paintball community grow.  With a three event schedule, we hope that not only will you take advantage of what we have to offer, but also be able to fit NXL and other great events into your budget and calendar.  We have confidence that our facilities and ability to run a fair and well-run tournament will impress your team and bring you back all season!  We also feel that the PGPL is the best value in the area for your team to improve and grow as players.  Our team is excited about 2016, and we hope you are as well!


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